Addiction in Adolescence Essay

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Anjelica Harris
Addiction in Adolescence
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Many people believe that substance abuse and addiction both refer to the same thing. However, although both refer to a condition commonly associated with drug and alcohol use, they actually have very different meanings (Michael’s House). Substance abuse focuses on abusing a particular drug, but it is not necessarily a habit. Where addiction is being controlled by a substance, and you have to indulge in the substance. It runs your life, and you cannot go a day without the drug. The relationship between substance abuse and addiction is that people have a love for a substance such as drugs and alcohol.
Addiction and abuse affect the brain and are known to cause to serious injuries to the brain. Factors that are more likely to occur include loss of concentration, loss of memory, loss of motor skills, and being able to cope with emotions. Adolescent’s brains are still developing, so this may cause permanent damage. Due to the structure of their brain, those teens who do give in to their impulses and dabble in addictive substances might also develop addictions at a rapid pace, when compared to their adult counterparts (Muir Wood). Adolescents are more likely to engage in substance abuse than adults. This may cause the adolescents to be stuck with their decisions for the rest of their life. This may be something that they ever be able to change.
Religious beliefs and practices may play an important role in the prevention of serious alcohol and drug problems and in rehabilitation of abusers (Graham 2011). People who are spiritual or have a religion are less likely to engage in substance abuse. They would not want to disappoint their higher being, and be defiant. Whereas, some religions may encourage substance abuse. This may effect adolescents because they may have something to believe in, and may not what to go against what they believe in. But, if the adolescents religion encourages substance abuse, then the adolescent may be more likely to engage in taking a substance. An adolescent that may have abused drugs, may seek a religion, and this may help steer the adolescent away from the substance. God may be the key to help someone receive the treatment they need, or even help them make it through the treatments they are receiving for abusing the substance.
Reading through different articles in Memphis, I was able to locate an article referring to a program working with mother’s to educate them about teen’s who abuse substances. The program is called Drug Free Kids, and it is a nonprofit organization. For the second consecutive year, CafeMom, the leading digital media company for moms, has teamed up with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, a national nonprofit dedicated to reducing substance abuse among adolescents to raise awareness about the dangers of teen substance abuse (WMC Action News Five). It