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Dear sir/madam I am writing to inform you of the position of sales assistant at your company Mercedes Benz showroom. I am very interested in this position because I am very interested in and i have a lot of knowledge within the business and I feel I can make more sales and get more customers to your company. Currently I am studying Business at Level 2 at Bradford College.
My background includes serving as a customer service associate within the car business; I have previous experience working in a similar job role. I have also worked in garages so I understand not only the business side but the mechanical side in this field. I have also worked as a sales assistant in a previous showroom so I understand the job and the way the business runs, this also enables me to make a lot of sales using persuasive language and communication skills.
I have good communication skills that allow me to talk to customers very effectively. I also have level 1 in mechanics so I know the mechanical side to this business. Also my writing skills are at good standard and I can communicate with all kinds of people. I am also a good listener and I like to take feedback and develop my own skills so that I can improve my skills, I am 100% confident.
In my spare time I like to socialise with…