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Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues
LAW/421 Contemporary Business Law
October 4, 2014

Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues In the “Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues” simulation; a company named CadMex was in discussions to do international business with a company from Candore named Gentura. The issues that were involved in resolving legal disputes in international transactions are that the company from the United States, CadMex; had to be careful to make sure that they knew the laws of the country of Candore and abided by them. CadMex needed to be familiar with the culture and local government as well as to not get into any long legal disputes with the country of Candore. Considerations must be taken when taking legal action against a foreign business partner based in another country. Taking legal action in another country would severely impact any future investment and business relations in that country, but on the other hand depending on the situation action must be taken to protect the company. When CadMex considers their decision to grant sublicensing agreements; they must consider many factors. The factors would be that the sublicensed companies would need to meet the current quality standards and production requirements currently upheld by CadMex. CadMex must also consider the time that the sublicensing agreements will take to accomplish and the cost that the company will incur from these sublicensing agreements. When local customs conflict with the laws of an organization operating abroad, the laws of the organization should prevail. The organization must stand by their procedures and policies set