Addressing International Legal And Ethical Issues Simulation

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Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation David Pence
` ` Law-421 08-24-2014

When organizations engage in international business they can be involved in legal disputes in their transactions. The proper way to handle this situation would be to involve your legal counsel. They can help with proper laws and restrictions of the U.S. and of the foreign country laws and restrictions. Then the issue can properly be resolved. The local laws must be followed at the foreign plant also. Some of the practical considerations of taking action against a business partner could be a settlement, sublicensing local companies for production of the generic form of the medication, and subsidizing the foreign company which will help with their economy. CadMex could give the company a settlement so they can stay afloat and keep their governments economy in good shape.
Some of the actions that could work against CadMex for granting sublicensing could be that the other company could lose control over the licensed product and loss of income by Cad Mex finding a cheaper supplier. It could also lead to other companies having the chemical mixture for the drug that they can start making for themselves as a company and selling it over the counter or even cheaper prices than CadMex.
Some of the local customs and laws the plant will have to follow local religious holidays and ceremonies to avoid lawsuits and strikes. There is an example in the readings I found where