Adelard Godbout: Premier Of Quebec

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Thesis: The purpose is to provide a critical analysis on Adelard Godbout as Premier of Quebec giving the readers information on what he did and why.
The main themes covered are: Giving women the right to vote, instituting required education, trying to help the province escape the clergy from domination and lastly creating the Hydro-Quebec. The title conveys the film message because it provides an outlook of the Premier having intentions of being a Patriot however was known as being a Traitor. The director feels his uncle was not recognized properly as the premier when after the next premier’s continued in same direction.
Content: The purposes of Jacque for creating the film is to analize and present his facts regarding his uncle as patriot. The use of Jacque continuously using
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He wanted to clarify his uncle’s common impact. He felt he was positive and compassionate however when this happened in his younger years he could not say anything as a young boy. He could not defend his uncle for his actions. He believed he was right and it was worthless to fight people around him. This was a weakness Jacque had throughout the film because things that he said maybe true however it was not true for anyone else in Quebec.
The last weakness that Jacque displayed in his film is that it was in French with subtitles, making it difficult watch and read at that same time for any average reader.
During the film the gentleman who interviewed Jacque had a strong opinion with convincing arguments on what Jacque was actually trying to do. He even needed to understand where Jacque was taking this film.
Talking about Liberals was the everyday conversation in the household. It was like Nationalism which is the same as Religion they go together. If you believe in God and the Church then you obide by the rules, the same in political parties of the Liberals. He had a way of not thinking to blame