Adele: Hospital and Health Insurance Essay

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1. Explain why health insurance is important to have;
* I think having health insurance is important to have because having coverage helps people get medical care in a timely fashion and improves their lives and health. Yes, you do have to pay a monthly fee for the coverage, as well as a co-payment when you go in. However, on the bright side you wouldn’t be paying two hundred and fifty dollars for one visit and whatever it would cost for your medication.

2. Describe your experience with your health insurance (good, bad, or ?). * I have very good experiences with health insurance. Being an athlete and an asthmatic I would make weekly trips to the doctor’s office. Sometimes even to the ER. The thing I loved most about my provider is that all me nurses knew me by name even the front desk people. For example: I went two months without going to the doctor’s office that I got a personal call from my doctor and the staff member asking me where I was and why haven’t I been there. I found it funny and I felt loved. Needless to say I was back at the office the very next week and greeted with smiles and hugs from everyone.

3. Identify the kind of workplace you'd like to find yourself in after you graduate (hospital, medical clinic, etc.) * I have worked in both settings before. They both have their up’s and down’s. Working in a clinic is a small closer family. You are able to build a relationship with your coworkers and patients. Whereas to working in the hospital it’s