Adele Ratignolle's Argument Essay

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Society expectations were very unfair at that time and they seems unfair for Edna also. Edna supposed to live for her husband and child entirely and makes them her priority. What supposed to give meaning to her life was her family and they should be the purpose of her existence, according to society expectations. Edna life focus should not be her or her wishes, should be her marriage and her child. Being a mother woman was the optimum role and status for the women of that time. They did not consider women as an individual human being who has was capable of find a purpose or meaning besides her family.

In my opinion Adele Ratignolle is freer than Edna Potieller for many reasons. Edna behavior was childish as her own friend Adele suggested. Edna was prisoned of her unrealistic dream of having an affair and avoids her responsibility without consequences. Acting by impulse was not very mature. The ideal behavior to achieve that independency that
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We can see Adele sometimes manipulate Robert or flirt in public which infer she had certain freedom. For instance, the following quote shows it “Could anyone fathom the cruelty beneath that fair exterior?" murmured Robert. "She knew that I adored her once, and she let me adore her. It was 'Robert, come; go; stand up; sit down; do this; do that; see if the baby sleeps; my thimble, please, that I left God knows where. Come and read Daudet to me while I sew.'" In the following quote she openly expressed how she used to treat Robert "Par exemple! I never had to ask. You were always there under my feet, like a troublesome cat." Adele managed to get things in her own way in a smart way. Moreover, Adele was perfectly comfortable and happy with her role. She also managed to pursuit Robert to left Edna alone and this demonstrated her power of influence she