Essay on Adelphia

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This case study is mainly about the character of John Rigas who owned a movie theatre named Adelphia with the shares of his brother, Gus. After Adelphia, they purchased more new companies such as Adelphia Communications Corporation and Century Communications. The continuous success of their business causes, Adelphia Company became the sixth largest cable company in United States. They faced a lot of problems throughout the journey they run their business. Adelphia always had been as a family business because most of the shareholders and board of director of the company are John Riga’s family members. As a generosity person, John Rigas and his family helped many parties in term of donation and charities such as decoration,
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As a result, Aldelphia was not managing in stakeholder’s interest but Rigas family interest. Rigas's action that fail to fulfill their fiduciary obligation towards management, supplier, local community, customer and also to coerced and exploited employees had give serious impact to company. The clients who have negative experience with this company will do not trust their ability anymore and their reputation will be decrease.
According to civil society of view, people should spend their time with quality activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In term of donation and charity, it is good if a company done their social responsibilities in the right manner. The company should appropriately disclose all the information in the financial statement of the company so that the public can continually trust and support them. The company must display the adequate information to the public, government, authority agency if necessary. Other than that, they should also offer job opportunities for the fresh graduates and not focus on current employee only. So, we think that the action of John Rigas is wrong according to law and accounting procedures even he help the needy pupils.
In our opinion, we think that John Rigas is characterizing as Robin Hood. This is because according to the story of Robin Hood, it shows the kind of Robin in helping his society to stand up. Robin is a hardworking and generosity person. He will help