Adenoids: Immune System and Rn Paolo Campisi Essay

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Last known system location: immune system
Wanted for keeping bacteria/infections out of small children

Reward: 500,000,000 dollars

The adenoids are a part of the immune system and the main function of them are to keep bacteria and infections out of young children while their immune system is in development.
The adenoids help keep the body healthy by swelling up when there is a bacteria or an infection inside the body. They trap the bacteria in the tissue, and then they swell up, and then end up fighting off the bacteria. . And when the bacteria get trapped inside the tissue it hardly ever makes it out alive. But sometimes the adenoids get infected themselves
The major diseases/disorders for the adenoids are adenoid enlargement (in which children can get dental misalignment or adverse effects on facial growth due to chronic mouth breathing). Another is adenoid enlargement which causes upper airway obstruction (sleep apnea or difficulty breathing), nasal obstruction, or difficulty swallowing.
It is possible for a person to live without their adenoids because when a child usually gets past the age of five they shrivel up and practically vanish into thin air because the immune system is fully operational. There aren’t any transplants possible because you don’t need your adenoids to live, but there are surgeries for the removal of the adenoids.
The main specialist that would deal with the adenoids would be any surgeon that operates on the oral