Benefits Of Completing An Internship

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Five benefits of completing an internship
Internships are where higher education meets employment; they allow students to gain experience working in an organization while studying at university. They can be paid or unpaid and allow you to work in an organization for a set period, which could be anything from one intensive week, to interning once a week for twelve months. In some courses, such as medicine, nursing and education, which require access to hospitals and schools, industry placements are standard and are organized by the university. Other courses, such as those in the arts, business, engineering, law, information technology and science fields, vary between institutions and may or may not include industry placements or internship
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While a full-time job may be hard to come across in certain areas and organizations, many companies are willing to take on an intern. An internship could allow you to take a look into professions and organizations that you’ve only ever dreamed of. You could find yourself interning at a sporting club and attending matches and events, chasing the biggest story of the year with a news crew, interning for a renowned fashion designer or coordinating a prestigious event such as fashion week. You may even opt to look beyond your local city, and complete an intensive internship over university holidays at an organization interstate or overseas.

Why You Need an Internship
Aside from a college degree, real life experience is the key to succeeding in today’s job market. Your experience will always provide a competitive advantage in building your career and contacts. Employers look for individuals who can provide evidence that they possess the transferable qualities and skills needed to perform well in the working world. But you may be asking yourself how you can gain this “real life experience”—the answer is simple: internships!
Internships help you gain knowledge about general work functions and learn more about industries and fields that may be of interest to you. Many times an internship will allow