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Adina Aamir
AP World
DBQ FOCUS: The Renaissance
The middle ages were characterized as a period of war and plague in the European history. Suffering persisted in this period and was only elevated with the promise of heaven by the Church. The step away from this society, also known as the Renaissance movement, served as bridge between the middle ages and the renaissance period. Thought changed from a religious background towards a more secular one. Many new and important works of writing were produced, some of which still are useful today. Art as well was dramatically changed to incorporate many new elements and types of people. This change only affected a select few of people but nevertheless spurred change in an overall frame.
The renaissance movement served as a high and mighty bridge between the Middle ages and Renaissance movement. Important changes included an evolving role of the artists. W.T. Waugh explains that “one must beware of the exaggerating the practical results of their works” (doc 6). The common people of the time period were unable to view masterpieces that were made, but master pieces like Mona Lisa were a dramatical change from the type of art before the renaissance movement. “In Italy at the time of the Renaissance we find artists who in every branch created new and perfect works, and who also made the greatest impression as men” (Doc 7). These artists and their works ought to be regarded as a great effort to move a society towards the renaissance. the incorporation of more secular objects into works of art, particularly mythological objects; and the expansion of individual art styles and techniques. Painters in the Middle Ages got most the inspiration from the Bible, and in the Renaissance painters looked to the classics and mythology for inspiration. Architecture shifted from religious