Adios Utopia Analysis

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Adios Utopia: Dreams and Deceptions in Cuban Art Since 1950
Adios Utopia introduces US viewers to key events in Cuban history and explores ways that this history affected individual artists, shaped the character of art formed on the island, and conditioned the reception of Cuban art both in Cuba and abroad. Adios Utopia looks at how Cuba’s revolutionary eagerness for social utopia, and upcoming dissatisfaction, have shaped nearly 60 years of Cuban art. Displaying more than 100 of the most valuable works of painting, photography, installation, video, graphic design, and performance created by Cuban artists and designers over the past six decades. The exhibition also includes graphic design poster art from the 1960’s promoting the ideals of
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Twenty medium size canvases with the size of 80cm by 100cm, arranged in three rows, spelling out the words, LUCHAR (fight), RESISTIR (resist), and VENCER(win). Every one of the twenty canvas has a letter with an image, spelling out the three words. The canvas that spells out the word Luchar, is animated by a figure who fights against a robot, and at the end of the word, they join as one. The canvas that spells out Resistir, consists of a man in a revolutionary uniform bending over a stool in different positions, as a digitized white cloud coming out of his rectum. The last letter of the word Resistir, the cloud appears to be biggest cloud throughout the whole word, which symbolizes liberation. The final word Vencer, contain of images of a pink person, resembling a sex doll having intercourse with the robot from the first word Luchar. By the end of the word Vencer, the robot wins the fight and the two figures joins together. My interpretation of this piece is that a new law has been passed, people resist, and then everyone joining together with a solution to make everyone happy. I personally don’t like the piece, because the content is to sexual and to me don’t unites. I don’t believe that sex had anything to do with the issue at hand within the Cuban community at the time this piece was made. I would change the animations with a different subject to show how the Cubans resisted and won their