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Adjusting to new living arrangement

I felt like I was there physically but not mentally. I was like a ray of light that turns off and on when necessary. When the lights are off, it’s all silence and invisible but, when the lights are on, I become visible and shy. I wasn’t very collaborative in terms of sharing my thoughts in class. It's 9:00 a.m. and we’re in the middle of the 1st semester; Eng. 100 is going to start and I’m still sitting in the same chair as usually; all quiet and distracted as if I was in moon. And of course I could hear my classmates sharing their thoughts with the rest of the class but again there wasn’t too much enthusiasm from my side. However, Second semester was all reverse, lights could be on or off but I would still visible and active, something changed for the better.
As I became closer to becoming a college student I became more eager and I began to think about all the possibilities I may struggle with as I receive my education at Saint Martin’s University. For the past few years, I’ve been consciously working towards my academic goals in order to be accepted to a good college. But what about that other aspect of college, the one you haven't considered quite as much – how will I feel when I’m actually there? I had the chance to attend Eastern Washington University which I than concluded that the distance for me was too far from being on my own. My family means everything to me and being far scared me I wanted to be able to be one call away from seeing my loved ones. Growing up with an exceptional large amount of obstacles, I just wanted somewhere to call home eventually, the summer of tears and memories of a freshly retired childhood came to an end, and college presented itself as a new beginning. Saint Martin’s University was awaiting me in Lacey, Washington with open arms, which was a better choice for me. Transitioning from home to college took a huge toll on me I was used to having my family there for me and friends but at college I didn’t know anyone. This meant focusing on my education was the most important thing at the time, no time for friends, and time for no distractions. As the time finally came I was befriending new people and getting the chance to experience a new life style this was going to be one long journey ahead of me and I was ready for this roller coaster you call life. While at home everything had its place and everything was in order. When my siblings and I got into fights, I would look to