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Adlerian Theory
Suzette R. Derosier
CNDV 5311
Lamar University
Adlerian Theory Alfred Adler contributed groundbreaking theories to psychology that far surpassed his mentors and paved the way for modern psychology today. Adler was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud at the turn of the last century. Although he had great respect for Freud he felt restricted by Freud’s theories that put the cause of human behavior as constructs of biology, and that every person suffered from the same problems. Adler believed that human beings were more than mere repeating patterns physiology. Adler believed that humans created their own behaviors based on their experiences and emotions. This concept has led to an incredible field of study that
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Covering these topics allows the therapist to get a sense of how the client’s level of self-worth was formed and how they interact with others. Adler also emphasized the importance of establishing a positive therapeutic alliance with the client by showing empathy, unconditional positive regard, congruence and hope (Seligman, Reichenberg, 2014). This technique allows the client to become more aware of their own behaviors and attitudes so they may form goals and strategies to modify their behaviors and create more positive and healthy relationships. One strategy that Adler used was to create a scenario where the client imagines a situation where they would act “as if” they were the person that they ideally want to be, and how those behaviors may contradict their current behavior patterns. This is a crucial element to forming goals and strategies to modifying dysfunctional behavior. For example, the selfish client may try to imagine asking family members help her organize a birthday party. How would she ask them, what would she ask them to do, and how would that make her feel to let go of some of the control and do something selflessly for someone else. Acknowledging these feelings will help her to learn how to trust others, and allow them to help her.
Alfred Adler’s holistic approach transformed the psychological perspective from focusing on rigid beliefs that the human psyche was formed by