Admendation For Pay And Adygies For His Company Landslide Limusine '

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Our Client Mr. Bradley Stonefield would like some recommendations for pay and benefits strategies for his company Landslide Limousine. He is looking to employ 25 people within his business. I took the liberty of finding out comparisons of other limousine services within Austin Texas so he has a comparison for his business.
Austen is consistently growing in businesses, and can be very lucrative for Mr. Stonefield and his employees. He must have some benefits to retain his employees and help grow his business if he is competitive with pay and benefits. In Austin it is found the average salary annually for drivers who are allowed to get tipped bring in approximately $37,170.00 annually. Drivers usually average $25,020.00 without tips. Your competitors also offer medical insurance, vacation pay, and a retirement plan within this territory. There is also salary increases for employees who stay longer with the company based on reviews from customer satisfaction surveys, and the time they have served with their respected companies. There is also training that I see as one of the perks within these companies. There is generally 1 to 2 weeks of training and a review of the laws, safety, and the street layouts of the territories in which they will be driving. One thing you may want to consider is the age of your drivers as well. It is not necessary to be the age of 21 or obtain a high school diploma to provide driving services in this industry. But if your drivers are under 21 and the customers prefer to have alcohol while you provide driving services for them. Anyone under the age of 21 cannot transport these individuals who have this request.
Mr. Bradley Stonefield will need to be competitive in the market with his staff. He must be aware of the annual income that other services like his provided for their employers. The challenge will be for Mr. Stonefield to have a competitive salary for his employees just starting out. The compensation structure will be how much the employee