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Administrative Ethics Paper HCS/335 Victor Gibb March 14, 2015 Jamikka Waremercer

Balancing Medical Privacy and Public Safety

The article is very informative it talks about the issues of a tragic elementary shooting in Connecticut. It also tells us about how Obama tries to reduce gun violence. It then goes on to talk about how they wanted to gain the efforts to clarify health information and privacy protection. It also let us know that they are barriers to information sharing between health care professionals and law enforcements. There many arguments and facts that are used in this article to support the proposed solution. Like the human department of health and human services made sure that would provide the necessary health information when attempting to make sure that people would not be harmed or at risk. Investigator would have to determine an even way to getting many signals to change the attitude of patients. Some argue too many state and federal laws that cover health information confidentiality, privacy, and security, including HIPAA. The Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration project identified instances where numerous and sometimes conflicting laws existed within a single state. It is not unusual for healthcare entities and individuals seeking healthcare services to find themselves covered See not only do you have to understand how important the privacy is of patients but you have to understand that you have to be careful of many hackers are out there that may also attack patients privacy as well. The author of this article also spoke about how the executive actions are prompted and how it is possible to look back and carefully assesses the role of health information privacy regulation in addressed. The article addresses the manager responsibilities are to prohibit physicians and other medical providers from disclosing patient information when health care professionals believe in good faith and that the health and safety of patients and others are well taken care of. They have to make sure that disclosures are made to someone who is reasonably able to prevent or lessen harm to the company and organization as well as the patients. They have to be able to notice when changes are occurring and be able to recognize the signals that may lead to a privacy invasion. If there is a privacy attack they have to be able to have access to rectify the situation. And be able to stop this from happening again but it is so hard to stop it from not happening again all they can do is to see what mistakes were made and take steps to allow it not to happen again. The ethical issues spoken in the article is honesty and integrity and dignity because these are the ethical issues that go along with people entrusting you with their information and when it comes to delicate situations like gun violence and health care you have to be trusting and because a gun and health care can go into a different direction. The vast majority of America’s healthcare consumers.
Trust is essential for the health information collected in a health record to serve as a complete and accurate foundation not only for clinical care but as the basis for research, public health, quality measurement, reimbursement, and policy making--all components of population health. In any medical setting, healthcare consumers need to be confident that their personal health information is protected and that identifiable information will be used only for purposes authorized or otherwise required by law. The article also talked about the HIPAA privacy rules and how it is a managers duty to warn and to make sure their staff is highly trained in the legal ethical issues and how