Administrative Law and Airworthiness Limitations Section Essay

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/Week 2 Homework – GM520.

1. State the administrative agency which controls the regulation. Explain why this agency and your proposed regulation interests you (briefly). Will this proposed regulation affect you or the business in which you are working? If so, how? Submit a copy of the proposed regulation along with your responses to these five questions. The proposed regulation can be submitted as either a separate Word document (.doc) or Adobe file (.pdf). This means you will submit two attachments to the Week 2 Dropbox: (1) a Word doc with the questions and your answers and (2) a copy of the proposed regulation you used for this assignment. (10 points)
Federal Aviation Administration Department of Transportation – This interest me the most because I love to fly, that’s how I do most of my travel. I travel very frequently for my job by going to teach classes in different cities not to mention my family travels frequently also. It merely clarifies the intended effect in spare and on airplane fuel system components
This new revision impose no additional economic burden.
2. Describe the proposal/change.
AD currently requires revising the Airworthiness limitations section of the instructions for continued airworthiness by incorporating new limitations for fuel tank systems to satisfy Special Federal Aviation regulations No. 88 requirements. It merely clarifies the intended effect in spare and on airplane fuel system components
3. Write the public comment which you would submit to this proposal. If the proposed regulation deadline has already passed, write the comment you would have submitted. Explain briefly what you wish to accomplish with your comment.
Airworthiness directives specify inspections you must carry out, conditions and limitations you must comply with, and any actions you must take to resolve an unsafe condition. I believe there are additional, fundamental issues with the Part 39 framework and its systems, and that resolution of the issues would require a much more thorough and holistic process than provided. Concerns over maintenance introducing an unsafe condition into the apparent driver of problematic structures currently operating under Part 39- concerns may introduce safe conditions for passengers aboard the aircraft,
I wish to have them reconsider this new rule.
4. Provide the "deadline" by which the public comment must be made. (If the date has already passed, please provide when the deadline was).
This expires on 02/26/2010.
5. a. Once you have submitted your comment, what will you be legally entitled to do later in the promulgation process (if you should choose to do so)? (See the textbook's discussion of the Administrative Procedure Act.)
b. If the proposal passes, identify and explain the five legal theories you could use in an attempt to have the regulation declared invalid and overturned in court.
Some feel that the resolution and implementation plans of the AD ARC cannot effectively resolve fundamental issues with Part 39, its systems and products without revising the law. 1)14 CFR Sec. 3.5 does not relate the definition of “airworthy” to type design, which, in turn, contributes to confusion and contention over the relevance