Adn Versus Bsn Essay

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What I look forward to as I begin this educational experience. I look forward to meeting all of my classmates as I go thru this program in the next 14 months. Although this is an online class I feel I will make personal relationships with some of my classmates , after reading some of the biographies there are a few with the same family dynamics as me, it gives me courage and assurance knowing I am not alone as I complete this journey . My biggest fear is failing, although I haven’t failed a course yet, I’m nervous about writing my first paper next week. English 1A was over 10 years ago for me. APA writing format sounds so difficult. I have been given handouts and worksheets and study guide to aid in writing a paper in APA format. I will be going over it this weekend and studying every detail, I will also review papers already written in APA format and hopefully gain some confidence before my first paper is due.
An educational experience I had to overcome was going into my final in first semester failing by 0.5. It was so discouraging and scary but I knew that failing first semester nursing school was not an option. Knowing that I had one option and that was to pass only placed a great amount of fear in me. I had to reevaluate what it was I was doing. I had to change my lifestyle and dedicate my life to Nursing School, working part time had to change to 1 day a week, listening and asking questions in lecture, study pattern and the time I committed to studying had to change.