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My speaking assessment task is on
The greatest invention and I have
Chosen You Tube.

What would we do without you tube?
It is used to share videos with others from Around the world without leaving your home

Created in February 2005 by 3 PayPal employees and is based in California. It
Uses Adobe flash video technology to
Display a wide variety of videos.

Some include clips of T.V shows, music Videos and blogs from everyday people
Like you and me. In November 206
You Tube was bought by goggle for
1.65 billion US Dollars.

You tube mobile was launched in June
2007 using RTSP streaming but not all
Videos are available on the mobile
Version of this site.

It can be only access on smart phones
But it also depends on the provider
And data plan.

Not all countries allow you to access
YouTube. Some have blocked it they are
China, Morocco, Thailand and Turkey
This was due to offensive videos relating
To their country.

You Tube has said that roughly 60hrs of new video is uploaded to the web every minute and around 3 quarters of the material comes from outside the USA

The first video to be uploaded was on the
23rd April 2005.It is called Me At The Zoo.
It can still be seen on the site today with over 7 million hits but it only goes for 19 seconds. The most watched social impact video was uploaded in May of 2007 and has over 300 million hits. It’s called Charlie
Bit my finger.

The video is of 2 English brothers with