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What it feels like to be an adolescent Emotional Changes

Young people have to cope with instant physical change; out of the “blue sky” they have a new body shape and size.

Other people may begin to look at them differently; they look older and may be treated accordingly. 

Difficulty coping with new physical changes; or angry waiting for the new physical change.

The first discharge of hormones can produce extremes in emotions and mood.


Mind starts to wonder “Who am I,” Why am I here,” or “What is the importance of life?”

Develops their own identity as a person other than part of the family.

Wants more freedom but is not ready to give up on relying on parents.

Can’t understand why parents are so protective when they want to go out alone.

Peer Pressure
Want to be like all of their friends

Peer group pressure cab be helpful and positive; negative effect on conduct of the people in the group. 

Other adolescents try to entice them to do things;
“Come on don’t be weak,” “If you want to be in our group you have to…..”

Expected to look a certain way to fit in; might try dressing a certain way to fit in.

Sometimes they don’t even know when peer pressure is happening; deciding to do things because of it.


Specific changes that tend to be the most striking and have greatest effect on personality

The manner in which puberty affects adolescent behavior is related to the reactions of others, as a child might look physically mature however he/she might not be mentally or emotionally mature.

Children that experience early or late puberty are affected by many psychological problems, and at risk of many behavioral problems. The physical changes that girls experience may lead to a perception of maturity which she might not be emotionally ready to deal with. Depression, low selfesteem, eating disorders, anxiety and suicide are some of the psychological problems caused by puberty. (Mendle, Turkhemer, & Emery, 2007)

Girls and Puberty

Most girls grow the fastest about six months before they get…