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Nineteen-year-old Sam Porter from Melbourne, Australia saved a life yesterday -- but it wasn't as shocking of an event as you might think. The teen, who has saved three lives in three years, is gaining a well-deserved reputation as a local hero.
While working at a cafe near a beach, he noticed a body floating in the water and ran to the scene to help another man pull the woman's body to safety. The woman, Adrienne Beames, was unable to breath, didn't have a pulse and was turning purple.
"Sam forced her mouth open and apparently a fair bit of water gushed out," Porter's father explained to 9News. "He slapped her on the back a couple of times, and she gurgled, and started to shallow-breathe, and got a bit of her color back."

Last year, he pulled a woman out of a car wreck near his home. And in 2010, Porter jumped in front of a train to pull a suicidal teenager from the tracks. He was given a Pride of Australia Outstanding Bravery award for his actions.
Given his incredible track record, Sam's next move is fairly unsurprising. He is currently in the application process to join the Victoria, Australia police force.
"He's done three amazing things and I think he will be a good cop -- and we need more like him," Beames told the Herald Sun.
Amazing heroic acts performed by teenagers have also made recent headlines in the U.S. Last month, 15-year-old Saleh Saleh saved a six-year-old boy from a rip currentin Miami on Mother's Day, while 19-year-old Texas teen Colby Dauenhauer