Adolescence and Peer Pressure Essay

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Imagine for a moment that you have a 15 year-old daughter. She's always been a good student and gets good grades. She's helpful around the house, active in soccer and basketball, and has always shown you good judgment in making decisions on her own.

Since last summer, the end of middle school and start of high school, she has become quite tight with a group of girls she's known since childhood. They are in the same classes, live close to each other, and play on some of the same sport's teams. Although her peer group is made up of basically good kids, including your daughter’s best friend since grade school, lately, they've been getting into some trouble. On a recent Saturday night they were caught by the police drinking beer in the town public park. On several occasions, your daughter arrived home an hour later than she was supposed to, and at least twice in the last three weeks, she was not where she was supposed to be (she told you she was going one place, and then went someplace else).

This peer group is very important to your daughter and she feels deeply connected to them. She tells you she knows many of the things she and they do are wrong, but she doesn’t feel that she can tell them what to do and stand up for herself. She’s afraid if she does, they won’t like her anymore and ostracize her.

Based on the description I’ve described, please answer the following questions;

1. What do you think is happening to your daughter?

Clearly what is happening is Peer pressure, although it can be sometimes positive since the same group might be motivating to do better in school and some of the sport they do together, it has been turning also into bad influence.

2. What should you do to help your daughter?

To help her I should consider the reason why this is happening. This girls are not new to each other since they have been friends since childhood, but the fact that they are starting high school is a new and very stressful situation. Also consider what approach to take. I am probably not going or want to prohibit my daughter to be friends with that group because that will probably make it worse. Instead I would have to work whit my daughter on taking better decision, standing up for her-self and not being afraid of been cut off. There is other people in the world and she would quick make other friends

3. What are the factors should you consider when trying to decide how to help her?

Some facts that I should consider are first able the fact that she is starting high school and that at that age it is very important to be accepted, and for that they sometimes do things that they know are against their values and norms but would be accepted by their peer by making them look “cool”. Also consider the fact that she knows that what they are doing is wrong but she doesn’t feel like