Essay on Adolescence and Teen Violence

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Darnell Avery Simpson
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Mrs. Jackson
Annotated Bibliography

Long, Gary. “Winter Festival to raise awareness about teen violence, child abuse, teen

Suicide.” Brownsville Herald, (Tx) 12 Dec. 2012: Point of reference

This article is going over the Winter Festival held to stop teen violence and a number of other things going on in teenage life. The source is useful because it provides a solution to the big problem I am addressing which is teen violence. It is very well written and explained in a good amount of detail but at the same time hard to understand. I had to read it about three times to understand every single thing mentioned in the article.

The Associated, Press “Whitehouse holds hearing on Teen Violence”. AP Regional State Report-

Rhode Island (2011): Points of View Reference Center.

This source is an article on the Whitehouse holding a hearing on teen violence. This source is very strong and useful because the article is describing how the man who runs our country is speaking out and trying to help stop teen violence. This source seems very reliable, very well structured, and very well structured.

“Everyday life. N.P., N.D. 10 November 2014”

This article was explaining the importance of prevention programs to prevent teen violence. It was very well written and made a case to be a great idea for a solution. However the problem I see with this article is that not all teens would participated in a prevention program. This