Adolescent Case Study Essay example

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Adolescent Case Study

I. Identification

A. Kathy Johnson is a 14 year old female, a freshman at Parkway High
School, and resides at 789 Parkview Way, Bossier City, LA 70000.

II. History of Family

A. The subject lives with her biological mother and stepfather. The child's biological father resides in Bossier City as well, but he has not maintained a relationship with the child since he divorced her mother in 1981.
The child also has a brother who lives out of state and has no relationship or contact with him either.

B. The subject comes from an upper middle class family. Her stepfather is a high school graduate and owns his own construction business. Her mother is a homemaker and quit school during her sophomore year.
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She is a very outgoing and aggressive teenager who often tends to try and force her opinions on her peers. Which in turn, has the opposite effect and more often causes her peers to become distant and antisocial with her.

F. Her personal philosophy and ideology is based mainly on her religious beliefs. She believes in the teachings of the bible and that there is one God who controls and oversees the world in which she lives. Therefore, she is against premarital sex, drug and alcohol use, and abortion. When asked her political views, for example who she would vote for, her reply was
"Bill Clinton, simply because he is a democrat." She seems to be heavily influenced by her families political views, in that, she doesn't know much about politics, but she would vote for a democrat because her family belongs to the Democratic Party.

IV. Summary

After interviewing and observing the subject, my findings relative to her current status are the following: Her stepfather is physically and verbally abusive toward her mother often forcing the subject to call the police. Her mother appears to suffer from prolonged bouts of depression and ongoing alcohol use. Therefore, the subject is required to more or less handle the everyday household obligations such as cooking and cleaning. She also has a deep resentment for her stepfather and feels the need to protect and take care of her mother. In my opinion, the subject is suffering from physical and