Adolf Hitler Essay

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Germany prepared for war and the nation was rearmed, first in secret, then in open violation of the Treaty of Versailles on 1933. Hitler’s steps towards establishing Germany as the world’s leading power and annihilating the Jews became even bolder since none of the other countries took action. In 1936, Hitler sent troops into
Rhineland, regardless of the fact that his generals opposed this challenge France, but
Hitler was right in his assumption that France would not try to stop them. “Hitler conquered Austria, as well as German speaking parts of Czechoslovakia in September and the rest of it in March 1939. Following this, Britain and France took action to attempt to prevent further German expansion and guaranteed Poland’s independence, saying they would go to war against Germany should Hitler attack Poland, and Hitler doubted they would do so” (eHistory). At the beginning of September 1939, Germany invaded Poland, two days after which Britain and France declared war on Germany. After that, Germany became the center of World War II.
For the duration of Hitler’s dictatorship, about six billion Jews were massacred, more than two thirds of the Jews in Europe, along with tons of Poles, Slavs, Roma (sometimes called Gypsies), Jehovah’s Witnesses, priests and ministers, handicapped people, homosexuals, and other political threats. “In the first part of 1945, the Allies-Britain, France, and the United States- marched into the heart of Germany against rapidly dwindling opposition” (eHistory). By April of 1945, Hitler was a broken man whose body ached. Eva Braun, a young woman who always admired him since the 1930s, joined him in his underground bomb shelter under the Reich Chancellery in Berlin. On April 29 they were married.
They killed themselves the next day using poison tablets. Before Hitler committed suicide, he left a note saying that he wanted his and Eva’s dead bodies cremated immediately. Days later, Germany surrendered. Hitler’s