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Following World War I, in 1918, Adolf Hitler blamed Germany’s economic and militaristic downfalls on the Jewish. Through the use of established anti-Semitism, Hitler orchestrated the mass extermination of Jews, killing more than six million, and reshaping the social and cultural landscape of Germany in Europe. In April 20, 1889, born in Austria, Hitler was the third son of Alois and Klara Hitler. His father retired from civil service in 1895, when Hitler was only six, which created a tense, strict atmosphere at home. His father then passes away when Hitler was only 13 years old and his mother, Klara for her children. Times were tough for the Hitler household. In 1905, at age 16, Adolf quit school and never returned. He dreamed of becoming an artist, so in 1907 he applied to the painting school at the Vienna Academy of Art, but did not pass the entrance exam. After his mother passed away just a few months later from breast cancer. Later, Hitler again tried to apply to the Vienna Academy of Art, but this time he was not even allowed to take the test. He spent the next four years in Vienna, living off what little he earned from selling postcards of his architectural drawings and the small inheritance from his mother. During this period of time, Hitler started to dabble in politics and became especially influenced by pan-Germanism. He then moved to Munich, and in 1913 Germany broke out into World War I. After the war, the subsequent inflation made even finding a job and day-to-day living difficult for the average German citizen. He later found a group he liked and joined as the 55 member and then leader. On November 9, 1923, he attempted a coup of the government, the Beer Hall Putsch, failed and was sentenced to five years at Landsberg Prison. Which he only served nine months of his term; he used this time to formulate his thoughts about a new Germany, which he made into a book called Mein Kampf "My Struggle." Once he was released, he continued on his road to ultimate power. After legally gaining power in Germany, Hitler quickly began solidifying his position by putting those that disagreed with him into concentration camps. He created massive amounts of propaganda that strengthened German pride by blaming all their problems on Communists and Jews. Then after World War II was over the Holocaust began. Hitler became important in history because he was principally,