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Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Following the death of his father, Hitler pursued his passion for art. He attended art school and was able to express his art freely. Hitler then moved to Vienna in high hopes of attending the Vienna Academy of Art. His application was rejected. He later applied to the Vienna School of Architecture and was again rejected. As he struggled to make ends meet on the streets of Vienna, his only sources of income came from selling his illustrated postcards and performing small tasks for others. This period in Hitler’s life characterized by poverty and struggle was also filled with political activism and a growing interest thereof. Hitler’s lifetime living in Vienna was also what developed his strong anti-Semitism. He was coexisting with a very large Jewish Community, including Orthodox Jews who had fled from Russia. Hitler was exposed to many anti-Semitic writings, which shaped both his political outlook as well as his literary aptitude and general awareness. In Mein Kampf, Hitler states that his transition from opposing anti-Semitism as a violation of religion to supporting anti-Semitism on a racial basis came from his experience in seeing an Orthodox Jew. Hitler moves to Munich in Southern Germany in order to avoid military service for the Habsburg Empire. He later, however, volunteered to serve the German army in World War I. In this military effort, Hitler is promoted to corporal and awarded the