Adolf Hitler Essay

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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April, 1889 in the small Austrian town of Braunau near the German border. Hitler’s parents had come from the poor and peasant families. His father Alois Hitler, was intelligent and an ambitious man and later became a senior customs official.

Klara Hitler was Alois wife Klara had 5 children but only Adolf and a younger sister, Paula, survived to
Become adults, Alois was 23 years older.
Hitler did extremely well in primary school and it appeared that he had a bright future ahead of him. He was also popular with other pupils. In secondary school the completion was a lot tougher. Hitler’s favourite subject was art.

Hitler was thirteen when his father died Klara Hitler, a kind gentle woman, determined to spoil her son. Like her husband she wanted Hitler to do well at school but Hitler still continued to get poor grades.
Klara died in 1907 suffering from cancer, her death affected Hitler the most out of both his parents as Hitler was closer to his mum which is the reason he carried her photograph with him at all times, it is claimed that Hitler had the photograph in his hand when he died in 1945.
Hitler in enjoyed being in the army as his part of a group fighting for a common goal, he liked the excitement of fighting in the war.
In October 1918 Hitler was blinded by mustard gas by the British attacks but did eventually recover his sight in hospital. Whilst in hospital Germany surrendered Hitler went in a state of depression and would not talk to