Adolf Hitler Essay

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Anna Eggers
Mrs. Remmenga
English 10
28 April 2013
Adolf Hitler’s rise to power couldn’t have been stopped. Adolf Hitler read dictator since the day he born. When Adolf Hitler finally was on his own dictatorship came right through on his personality as a young adult. When Adolf Hitler became the official dictator of the Nazis in Germany his true colors shown, he meant business and couldn’t be stopped when he put the Jews in the concentration camps. Everyone in Germany was scared of the all-powerful Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in Branau am Inn. He has six siblings. After 3 years his family moved to Germany from Austria. At a young age Adolf and his father did not see eye to eye, which cause Adolf to be abused as a child. Adolf was into fine arts rather than business one thing his father did not approve of and Adolf believed strongly in German Nationalism rather than Astro-Hungary. Alois, Adolf’s older brother, died in 1903, which made Adolf the man of house behind his father. Adolf wanted out of the house badly and after 2 years of asking his mother he was able to drop out of school and move out of the house. Adolf was powerful as a young child, convincing his mom to let him move out was just a glimpse of showing what he wants he will get it no matter what.
At the outbreak of World War 1 Adolf wanted to serve in the German Army. He was accepted in August 1914. Adolf wasn’t put out on the line super often. After the war was over and Adolf was back in Munich his German patriotism grew more from his experience from serving. He was shocked when the army surrendered in 1918, since Adolf was such a big nationalist like other Germans. Adolf believed his country was betrayed by civilian leaders and Marxists. While living in Munich, Adolf still worked for the army as an intelligence officer. Monitoring the workers of German Workers Parties, Adolf adopted many anti-sematic, nationalist, and anti- Marxist ideas. Adolf as a young adult has his mind set only about Germany. Germany couldn’t do any wrong and Germans were the all-powerful people they were number one in Adolf’s mind.
The great depression sparked political opportunity for Adolf. In 1932 Adolf ran for presidency and lost. Adolf was elected chancellor in order to promote political balance. Adolf used his power to make a legal dictatorship, receiving full control over legislative and executive branches. In August 1934 it was announced that Adolf was head of state and head of all government branches. First thing Adolf did with his new rule was that Germany armed forces would have a massive expansion.
With Adolf in power new laws were made. One of the new laws was racial hygiene Jews were not allowed to marry non-Jews. Jews, non- Aryans, and Jewish Germans were not granted German citizenship. Adolf also targeted kids with disabilities. With Adolf making these new laws on racial hygiene the Holocaust came into effect. Between 1936 and 1945 the Nazis were accountable for over 11 million deaths. These deaths occurred in concentration camps and extermination camps and the victims were killed in mass