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May 29, 2014
Mr. Daly
130 Mamaroneck Road
Scarsdale, New York 10583

Dear Mr. Daly:
I, Mikhayl Abrahams, would like to nominate the former chancellor of Germany, Adolf
Hitler, to the World War II Hall of Shame. Adolf Hitler is most famous for leading the National
Socialist German Workers (NAZI) Party in Germany from 1921 through 1945. There are many reasons why this man should be in the Hall of Shame. His background speaks to three unique reasons for this consideration.
Hitler was the second leader of the Nazi Party. He was a man whose personal belief system was carried through his political venture as leader of the Nazi Party. He was a decorated veteran of the first World War, who led a young Nazi Party. By 1923, he attempted a coup in
Munich which resulted in his imprisonment (which was short lived). By 1924, he was released, had began the writing of his memoir, and continued to lead the Nazi Party, which became the largest elected social democratic party. As result of the election in 1930, the Nazi Party won 107 seats in German parliament, which strengthened Hitler’s party uprising. From the beginning of
1921, under Hitler's authority, a variety of non­humanitarian situations arose and ensued, causing tremendous impact across the world. During his imprisonment, Hitler openly attacked the peace Treaty of Versailles, and shared his main beliefs about the pure race of humanity ­ pan germanism, which means to unify all the
German speaking countries, antisemitism, which is the hatred of Jewish people as a ethnicity, race, or religious group, and anti­communism, which is the hatred of communism. Following his release, the Treaty of Versailles would eventually be broken and abolished. As the Nazi Party was strengthened in Germany by 1930, violations to the Treaty of Versailles were readily carried out. Hitler overtook Austria and Czechoslovakia without a battle simply because France and
Britain remained neutral as they did not want to engage in another war.“Only force rules. Force is the first law”. Hitler had full intention to got to war and wanted there to be bloodshed .Under

Hitler’s lead, the German military expanded in numbers, and they continued to overtake more land, further empowering Hitler’s views and strengths through the political Nazi Party. Hitler was instrumental to the beginning of the World War II. Part of Hitler’s mission was to conquer the world, overthrowing as many countries as possible. This emanated from a combination of
Hitler’s value system and abolishment of the peace Treaty of Versailles. In 1934, Hitler became the ruling dictator of Germany; Germany would continue to be known as the Third Reich or Nazi
Germany. On September 1, 1939, the Nazi Party staged an attack upon Poland, marking the beginning of World War II. The Nazi Party swarmed through Poland, taking over their air force and killing civilians also known as the Blitzkrieg. The Nazi Party continued to take over German territories herding and consolidating non­aryan members of society.

As a direct result of Hitler’s personal belief system, the Holocaust began by 1933. Hitler believed that people with blonde hair and blue eyes, of German origin, non­Jews, were the selected pure race. In addition, Hitler believed Jewish people were racial hybrids and needed to be extinguished from the human population. By January of 1933, Hitler's Nazi Party would continue to conquer and obliterate non­aryan people which resulted in a mass genocide throughout Europe in 1945. “The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew”. Hitler believes the Jews in the world are the physical representation of the devil. In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws were created, forbidding anyone without German blood, from
German citizenship. Jewish people became excluded from libraries and museums. They were forced to sell their