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Biography on Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889, in Austria, in a town near the Austro-German border. Alois, was Adolf’s father and was 51 when he was born. Klara was Alois’s third wife. Both of Hitler’s parents came from lower class families. Between the two of them, Alois and Klara had 5 children but only Adolf and his younger sister survived to be adults. In primary school Hitler did extremely well and was very popular. He was a leader among his peers and that’s why they admired him. He was expected to have a bright future ahead of him. Once he got to secondary school and realized he wasn’t at the top of his class instead of trying harder he began to give up. His parents did not like that he made that choice and tried to get him back into focusing on his school work, but were unsuccessful. He had a new love for art which made his father unhappy. At the age of thirteen, Adolf’s father passed away. Hitler was going to have to repeat a whole year so he convinced his mother to let him leave without the requirements. At the age of 18 he got inheritance from his mother and moved to Vienna to become an art student. He got rejected for not having finished school but he still stayed there pretending he was a student because he didn’t want to tell his mother. In 1907 Klara, his mom died. It affected him more severely than the death of his father.
In 1909 Hitler was suppose to sign up for military service but he ignored his call-up papers. When the authorities caught up to him they classified him as ‘too weak’ which was good for him because he did not want to serve for Austria. When World War 1 broke out he volunteered for the German army. Hitler enjoyed it because he liked the excitement of fighting in a war. Many soldiers thought Hitler was a strange individual because he would be isolated then make random speeches talking bad about Jews and Marxists. Hitler became the dispatch runner because of his courage. The highest rank he reached in the war was corporal. In 1918 he was blinded by mustard gas which forced him to spend time in a hospital and led him into a state of depression. When he was better he returned and was stationed in Munich. He was very against the belief in equality among the socialists. He saw socialism as a part of Jewish conspiracy. Jews had been persecuted for centuries. In 1918 the Bolshevik government passed a law