Adolf Hitler Case Study

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Introduction For the past seventy years, Adolf Hitler has been known as one of the most evil men in history. The Fueherer, as he was known, exhumed hatred and violence in his pursuit of power. A vile man, driven by violence and a lust for power, eventually drove himself mad with his own idealistic vision of what a perfect world would be, and how he would achieve
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He never said what he did not intend to say and he never blurted out a secret. Everything was the result of cold calculation” (Green, 2001, pg. 7).
Hitler’s own ego was his biggest weakness. The arrogance to believe that his was a “man with a mission, marked out by Providence, and therefore exempt from the ordinary cannons of human conduct” (pg. 9). Hitler also had no respect for any type of God or higher being, deeming himself as a supreme deity in his own eyes. Anyone that believes they are on a divine mission to destroy and conquer clearly needs a path back to reality. His anger and rage would often play through during his speeches, though it was stated that he would often catch himself, calm himself, flatten his hair and continue on as if nothing had happened, and he also had a tendency to be on the defensive, making excuses and pointing the finger at anyone but himself or his country for the shortcomings of the time.
Hitler took advantage of a great opportunity in early 1930’s Germany. There was a time of political unrest and uncertain leadership. The leaders of the respective political parties were weak, and Hitler saw the chance to put his plan into action to build the perfect nation. Incredibly patient and a master of the surprise tactic, he waited until the timing was perfect to seize any opportunity.
The greatest threats Hitler faced would be anyone that he was unable to control. The intellectual and the well-educated didn’t buy in to