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In the Early years of the 20th century, a ruthless and dictatorial leader led Germany taking it to war against all other nations in the 1st and 2nd World Wars. The leader in subject was Adolph Hitler responsible for many crimes against humanity including the Holocaust (2010) where he mercilessly slaughtered the Jew race. Adolph Hitler was in the beginning from a humble catholic background (Karter, 2004), but soon took a turn in change of thoughts, relations and ideology towards social norms being a result of bad fatherhood and doctor experiences. In this paper, we will majorly focus on Hitler’s youth from the time of birth to his rise in power. Although many people may not agree to Hitler’s form of regime, he still has a substantial number of followers in Ethnic German populations that are ready to follow his ways and have formed groups to share and relate to his works.

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian born German citizen (Karter, 2004) who became a political leader of the famous NAZI to party. According to his family, Hitler was born in 20th April 1889 which was according to rumors was an Easter Sunday the time being approximately 6:30 in the evening. Hitler was ironically a gift (at that time) to Alios and Klara Hitler. They also had conceived five other children whom tragically died during their childhood. Hitler’s firstborn brother died being two years old in 1987, Ida the second born sister died a two year old child in 1988, Otto the third born brother died in an year after birth in 1887, Edmund the forth born child and brother died having attained six years in 1900 while his only surviving sibling and brother born in 1896 had the privilege to live until 1960(Karter, 2004).
Hitler’s father was an Austrian mid-level customs agent who provided them with a lavish and comfortable lifestyle (Karter, 2004). Irrespective of this, Hitler did not get along with his father mostly due to Alois owning a terrible temper accompanied by very bad attitude. Such kind of personality was the reason as to why he would take on his rage to the children, them being only Adolf and his elder brother Paul. Contrary to that, Adolf’s mother was generally a cool and quiet soul and because back in the day men had the right to everything, she was rather powerless. This translating to her dealing with a temperamental and dominating husband that is a disaster and home killer to present day.
Linz. In 1989, Hitler’s family moved to Linz the capital of northern Austria (Jetzinger, 1958). During this stay in the capital, Hitler developed a passion for fine arts that included drawing and painting. His father wanting him to remain and concentrate in school and later join the Habsburg Civil Service was what fueled the bad relationship between them . After the death of Alois Hitler in 3rd January 1903, Hitler was able to convince his mother Klara, to allow him pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist. Upon deterioration with his academics, he was admitted at the Realschule in September 1904. His behavior and performance was improving since he passed his final exam in 1905. Tragically, in 1907, Klara died of breast cancer making Hitler move with determination to Vienna in 1908. This was because Hitler was determined to join the Vienna Academy of the Arts but had previously failed due to denial of admission.
Vienna. Hitler lived in Vienna from February 1908 to round may 1913. At this time Hitler had already dropped out of school and without any academic credentials or ambitions for secondary nor tertiary education, or plans for a career. He had experienced a middle class family life with relatively a few Jewish contacts in Habsburg state where there were German nationalists criticizing the failure in the inclusion of a few German speaking citizens of the Habsburg Monarchy in the newly founded