Adolf Hitler's Stereotypes

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The definition of the word nightmare: a frightening or unpleasant dream. A nightmare is something every little kid wakes up crying about to their parents at some point in their lives. A nightmare is a sensation that you can’t escape the deep horrors. A nightmare is a horrific scene to say the least. Yet, millions of people controlled by Hitler and his agonizing troops lived a nightmare every single day for what seemed like forever.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” - Adolf Hitler.
Not only did one man change the philosophy and credo of countless amounts of people, he changed the way mankind forever views its own history. Millions fell into a sinkhole, a sinkhole that certainly is alive and
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How did these people become so helpless to the point of total German domination? The answer is simple, Nazi’s made them feel like they were completely worthless and dehumanized them to the breaking point.

Numerous victims believed suicide was a better option than being forced to participate in a haunis genocide effort. Nearly 11 million innocent souls were stripped from their bodies because of the sick beliefs of the Germans ruling. Hitler brainwashed so many into thinking that certain aspects made a person undesirable for a life on Earth. Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Slaves, and many others were among the targets of the Nazis.

One of the more ghastly parts of the Holocaust was definitely the tattooed numbers on the left forearm. These numbers made it seem as if these people were only robots being controlled by a “greater”
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These are the ones who either got lucky, or who fought for their lives non stop until the war was over. I feel that for every survivor, there is someone behind them who treasured their soul. Maybe a family member, a close friend, a fellow “camper”, and possibly even a Nazi themself.

Still, there is a driving question that always comes to mind. Why do the survivors of these events seem to spread more joy than an average person? Considering the catastrophic events they went through, there is reason to believe that they would have no room left for trust in their lives. Yet, they continue to grow as a spirit into an unstoppable force.
Many survivors share their stories to raise awareness about such occurrences. They go on to have children, grandchildren, and so on. To the naked eye they seem like the average Joe, but there is so much more to them as a whole. They are psyches that will forever carry on a legacy that will continue to be built upon.

I’ll leave you with this, lack of sorrow from others will always lead to a greater source of sympathy and compassion. Indifference will break down the soul until it is practically nothing, but something that is broken can certainly always be fixed, except when the fixing is the nightmare that indefinitely lives