Adolf Hitler And Franklin Roosevelt

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Empires & GlobalizationⅡ

Adolph Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt If people have learnt the history about the world from 16 to 20 century, they must know two famous men in that period. One is Adolph Hitler, the other one is Franklin Roosevelt. Both of them were the leader who was leading their countrymen to pull through the Great Economic in their own country. Adolph Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. His nationality was the Germanic. Hitler's mother was his father's niece, so when they got married, Hitler's mother was 25 years old and his father was nearly 49 years old. In addition, Hitler's father was an illegitimate child. Maybe because of the complex background, it encouraged the emergence of Hitler's temperament and personality. When Adolph Hitler was over 3 years old, he moved to Bayern in German with his family. During he lived in Bayern, he was influenced by the culture so that he spoke with a Bayern accent in his life("Adolf Hitler: Biography"). Hitler believed in nationalism and racism. At the same time, Hitler was very sensitive and serious about the purpose of the war and the destiny of German. So when German was fighting with Russia, he predicted that German must be defeated by Russia because Jew and Marxist who were Germen immaterial enemies were more dangerous than the enemy's artilleries. That was also the reason why Hitler encouraged his countrymen to massacre Jew. (Keegan, John, The Second World War, Glenfield, New Zealand: Hutchinson. 1989) When Hitler was young, he already showed his interest in politics. Although he was very poor, he tried his best to learn some political knowledge from books and newspaper. Hitler was a good speaker, he usually gave a speech in the crowd. During he lived in a bachelor apartment, he often gather some officials who were not successful in politics. He loyally uphold all the slogan about society and politics which he approved of, and attacked all the things that made him be defeated drastically. At this time, Hitler often read the book about preaching Extreme nationalism and Anti-Semitism. Finally, he got a conclusion that: in order to get success, government must combine to mass movement, and he must grasp how to give publicity to the masses("Adolf Hitler: Biography"). Hitler was a very attractive man, his speech had very strong incendiary so that he got more and more people's supports, especially after World War I. After World War I, Germen had a strong indignation to their government, they did not believe their government any more. At this time, the appearance of Hitler gave them a dawn. Hitler's strong speech made them believe he would lead Germen go to a new future. So Hitler achieved political success from that time. After he got the power, he built German Empire, improved the economic, and impelled German becoming the strongest country in military affairs at that time. And he also gave a astute guiding principle so that German could win a victory at the beginning of World War II. That was the most important reason why they were appearing to large segment of their countrymen("Adolf Hitler: Biography"). Franklin Roosevelt was born in 1882 in New York, America. Compared with Hitler, Roosevelt had a good education. He studied in Harvard University, and graduated from Columbia University. He believed in Episcopalian , he advocated peace during the war(" Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story - "). He was a legendary president in America. As a rule, every president could reigned for 4 years, but Roosevelt was the president for four times. The first time that he became the president was in Great Depression, he showed his countrymen his strong confident to deal with that big deal. Before he took office, he gave a passionate speech. He said," The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!" During taking office, he made a big deal. It was The New Deal that helped America cross the difficult barriers. It was also