Adonis-Personal Narrative

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I was running with my pack, Adonis blood. We were all going through the ritual. I couldn't tell who's. its dark clearly night, the solstice moon was there were two planets joined together for peace. focusing on what was happening before me, a wolf of a different pack were on their way. He was the stuff of nightmares. his teeth bared, he got ready to pounce another wolf came out of the tree snarling. the both of them pounced.

'I am confident but I still have moments that just me.'

My phone rang playing my favourite song La la land by Demi lovato. I went on my phone to turn it off. Resisting the urge to chuck my precious baby across the room. I fumbled to get up, tripping over my sheets. Walking past my mirror looking at the image quickly. My dull blue eye passed over my dyed red hair. It was knotted and look like I was rolling on the ground.
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The girl with one of the worst reputations, but all good things. I don't like, well public affection? We'll call that.

By time I got out the door, I could see all the freshman getting on the big yellow bus. I did a fist pump, finally I could use my car to go pick up my best friend. Sellia, who's also Luna of the golden phoneix pack. She has two brothers, who I swear are out to get eachother. They hate each other with burning passion. Sellia and Gavin are twins though you would never tell if they didn't tell you. But back to the whole hate thing. Reason there both the beta of the two packs. Wolves are very and I mean very competitive.

In recent we lost are beta to old age. A pack can only have one beta. No one wanted the boys to fight , to the death so we gave Gavin the beta position of Adonis blood. There for he lives in the pack house. So the family is spilt between the two packs which is bit sad. But he's the best beta we had and everything going