Essay about Adoption and Long Cultural Tradition

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PH417: International and Multicultural Women’s Health and Social Issues
Health Policy Panel Presentation
Points: 80
To expose you and the class to several reproductive health topics and policy options that may affect women’s health outcomes. This exercise also allows the opportunity to see the underlying beliefs of differing viewpoints. This, in turn, will aid in building a bridge with those who hold varying beliefs. Finally, it allows for practicing the presentation of complex topics in a compelling manner.
Students will select a policy topic and present information in a panel format. Select a topic after downloading the assignment description from iLearn and sign up for the topic on the cloud spreadsheet link at the top of the iLearn course page. Course readings, national and international case studies, as well as individual research will be used to prepare for the presentations. Each panel will have a moderator and three positional presenters (each representing the perspectives below). Each presenter will have 5 minutes to share his/her information. There will be no time for audio/visual/PPT slides. After each panel presents, the audience will have time to ask questions and then vote on the favored policy. The following describe each role of the panelists:
Panel Moderator
Before the presentation: work with the 3 panelists to fact-check their information.
Moderator presentation: Taking no more than five minutes, describe (define) the issue and why it is considered a problem worthy of public attention. Include any historical information, background, or data to help the audience understand the issue. Briefly introduce the panelists, by giving their names and positions (Do not describe the positions or alternative policies that the panelists will discuss.)
During the others presentation: Keep time for the panelists by letting them know when they have 1 minute left and when their five minutes are completed.
After the three position presentations: 1) Facilitate a discussion by fielding the audience’s questions and asking the panelists questions to elicit additional information the audience needs to vote. 2) Finish the discussion with a class vote and summarize the class decision in a neutral manner.
The moderator will provide the instructor with a presentation outline, including references and three facilitation questions for panelists (1 questions for each panelist) on iLearn by 9:00PM the evening before the presentation. All in-text citations and reference list should be in APA format.
Positional Panelists
The three positional panelists will each have 5 minutes to describe their positions in a manner that will influence the audience to vote for their proposed policy.
Briefly describe your assigned perspective (platform) and the two policy options.
Briefly explain how each policy would work and how it could address the issue. Give examples of where the policy has been implemented around the world.
Choose one of the two options, explain why it would be the best course of action and advocate for its adoption by providing supportive information that you believe will influence your audience. (Your presentation should not be simply your opinion on the matter, but rather supported by data from legitimate sources.)
Turn into iLearn by 9:00PM the evening before the presentation an outline of your presentation with references. All in-text citations and reference list should be in APA format.
Marriage Dowry
Moderator: Briefly describe what dowry is, how it is practiced around the world and explain why it is a political issue. Panelist # 1 - Perspective # 1: There are good reasons for dowry practices. Respect traditions and allow dowry to be practiced.
Allow dowries to be given between families in any country where families who practice the tradition migrate to, even if dowry is illegal within the immigrant country.
Encourage dowry, but only in countries where it has a long cultural