Essay On The New Laid Back Parenting

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The new laid-back parenting short paper
Taylor Perry
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Philosophy 447-N
January Session 2015

In the article I chose to read, “The New Laid-back Parenting”, Erin Ruddy discusses the value of raising a more independent child. Ruddy emphasizes how very important it is to let your child play independently, do self made chores, and learn to function on their own. Parenting has evolved into a verb rather than a noun and thus, has created a generation of children that do not know how to be independent without the parent telling them what to do. The author has created a good article with a meaningful argument about the issue of parents that hover over their child every second possible, and has presented a fair and accurate summation of the issue.
Hovering too closely, doing too much, expecting to fight all of your kid’s battles is it’s a recipe for disaster according to this article. Part of the development of self-esteem in children comes from surmounting challenges on their own, which can be denied to them by parents who do not let children find their own independence. Ruddy explains in this article how important it is for a child to take own their own daily challenges with support from their parents, yet not allowing the parent to be in total control of every action. She also explains the importance of allowing a child to know failure, without having a negative attitude toward losing or not succeeding.
Although Ruddy explained many pros as to why to become more of a laid back parent, she did not supply many actual proven “objective truths” in her article. Much of what she stated was beneficial to parenting skills, but is very much subjective. The article did provide one study from the University of Mary Washington that found over-involved parenting, which can extend well into young adulthood, may even be damaging long-term. Ruddy was able to point out the importance of why "Learning through experience gets you on an internal level, and those lessons stay with you for a lifetime. She then discusses why it is the parent’s job to raise adults who are resilient and independent.
Ruddy is very opinionated about “helicopter” parenting, which she states in numerous statements of her article. American parents are more involved in our children’s lives than ever, we schedule play dates, assist with homework and even choose college courses. Subjectively, she feels that when we