Adult Education Argument

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09/05/2013 Adult Education Argument Essay

When we think of education the first thing that comes to many of our minds is school. Having a teacher in front of the classroom, giving his everyday presentation as we take notes or read as he follows. We do this for most of our childhood and into adulthood until we finish school, receive a diploma, leading us to think we are finished with our education. In the reading “Adult Education” by Mortimer J. Adler, we are presented with a fascinating emphasis of what is education is and how we mistake the actual term of being educated. Finishing school and receiving a diploma does not make you an educated human being. On the contrary, finishing school is only a preparation to begin real education, The education that life will provide us as we get older, education that seems to never end. I believe that completing any sort of schooling is a great deal and should be praised. It involves hard work and dedication from the student and its something one should be proud of. This how ever is mistaken for becoming mature or educated, young or old. "Most or all of the things that make us adults or mature occur after we leave school. The business of getting married, of having children, of having our parents become ill, or dependent on us, or die, the death of our friends, our business and social responsibilities-these are the experiences that age us. And aging is part of what makes us mature", (P.9, Lines,10-18) These lines explains the types of encounters and experiences that really shape one becoming a mature person. One must undergo these types of scenarios in order to really value and understand life. Being young we Ramirez 2 feel like nothing can stop us and that we are always right. Education is never going to stop, we cant measure our education by how many books we read or how many diplomas we receive but by the experiences that come along the way. As we grow up and look back at things we used to do, we laugh or ask ourself's what was I thinking? Being immature and irresponsible are stages we all go through, some more than others but we experience them. We can say that most of these mistakes were taken part in our youth, being young is a part in ones life were we are sheltered by our guardians and our only responsibility is school. The average student graduates from High School at the age of 18 years old, this means that your general education has been completed. College is the next step but thats not mandatory, we choose to go to college to specify in our field of study. How can we say that we have finished our general education at the age of 18? This is wrong and should not be implied in the mind of the youth. I something stop and think and experiences of my own, if I had the mentality I had 10 years ago I would have done things differently. I thought I was mature and now that I realize how more I am now it makes me think that in reality I am not since I have so much to still live to. Experiences make us who we are, those experiences that shape our life. Some live them younger that