Essay about Adult Learning Theory

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Adult Learning Theory
LyTaysha Carter
INFT 101
June 20, 2013

Summary Understanding the many options of adult learning through different philosophies, and authors, puts their theories to test. Some researcher believe that andragogy and being an individual learner enables them to be more empowered in learning. Some researchers believe that adults learner in different ways, such as context, the cognitive process, and also focusing on public pedagogy. With all the research, it is said that adult learning theories update and change all the time, and most likely won’t be the same in the next research theory. Research theories are evolving all the time. Adult learning in today’s environment branches into many different learning portals. Adult learning in the twenty-first century focuses on the individual learner. Mezirow believes that transitional learning is teaching adults and adults being self-directed are about individual adult learners. With the different portals of learning researches believes that adults learn in different ways, body, and spiritual. Some researchers believe that adults can be taking a holistic approach to learning in the twentieth. Context has proven that how adults learn has matured to help with different learning techniques to foster adult learning. Sitting at desks, sitting at a lunch room table, can change how an adult understand what is being taught, or what is being remembered. Looking past what researchers believe, theories prove that adults learn more from not being in a classroom. Public pedagogies believe that a large amount of adult learning takes places outside of traditional learning atmosphere. Feminist researcher’s that educations in adults can take place anywhere at any time, such as movie theater, monuments, and museums. Does public pedagogy hinder what adults learn? Researchers says that different scholars believe it opens various doors for adult learning. So, public pedagogies shows that adults are not just able to learn in just one directions but many.
After reading these two articles, I think that I would be able to learn a substantial, amount of information, not just by sitting a lecture. Also, learning that researchers are always looking for different ways to teach adults in college and online, are not easy to do. Because, people are different and their life styles are different, so it learning. We as