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Adult obesity and Health influences
By Seulgi (Sherlie) Kim
For Nela Maluckov
11th August 2014 Obesity in North America
Thesis Statement: An adult obesity results in negative effect of people's health.
A. Definition "Obesity is a condition characterized by excessive bodily fat" from Merriam's Collegiate Dictionary. B. Changes of aspects in obesity 1. In ancient china, obese women was symbol of beauty. (Bary, 2011) 2. Fat recognized as beauty, wealth, and affluent.
I. Causes of Obesity A. Eating habit is one of the main reasons that causes obesity 1. Food selection a. Cost of food (Bary, 2011) b. eating disorder (HermanC, PolivyJ, LeoneT, 2005) (Bary, 2011) 1). Restrained Eating (Bary, 2011) 2). Night Eating Disorder (Bary, 2011) 3). Binge-Eating Disorder (Bary, 2011) c. High calorie diet (Popkin, 2005) B. People in modern society lack of activity time during their life time 1. Televisions reduced the time of activity . (Bary, 2011) 2. Sedentary life style increase risk of obesity. (Popkin, 2005) (Bary, 2011) C. environmental reasons 1. 20-40% of influences when family have obesity (Verdich, 2005) 2. Shared environment (Verdich, 2005) 3. Monogenic causes of obesity (Bary, 2011) (Verdich, 2005)
II. possible solutions A. Change eating habits 1. Eat more rice (EMR) (Stern, Chen, Saitoh, Shimomura, Suzuki, & Grivetti, 1991) 2. Low fat foods (Gumbiner, 1998) (Bell, 2005) B. physical training (Fushiki, Inoue, Kano, & Sugimoto, 1991) (Noakes, 2005) 1. Release physical disorders (Bary, 2011) (Westerterp, 2005) 2. Increase the risks of musculoskeletal injuries, cardiac arrhythmia, acute myocardial infarction, and bronchospasm. (Bary, 2011) C. Weight lose surgery 1. Cut off the stomach. (Gumbiner, 1998) a. risk of anaesthesia like other surgery. b. effectiveness in physically uncontrolled obesity patients.

III. conclusion and recommendation A. Educate children that importance of eating habits, healthy life style, and enough activities. 1. Could not solve the present obesity patients B. Government should take responsibility of control prices of health food C. Society should pay more attention on obesity and organize outside activities.


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