Essay on Adult Stem Cells

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Adult stem cells, also known as somatic stem cells, are unnamed cells found throughout the body that have the potential to divide into different cells to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues. Adult stem cells can be found in both children and adults. The research and therapy in adult stem cell does not require the destruction of an embryo unlike that of embryonic stem cells. Consequently, adult stem cell research is the less controversial of the two. It is a known fact that both areas of research are beneficial in some regard. In particular, adult stem cell treatment has been successfully used to treat individuals suffering from various bone or blood cancers through bone marrow transplants, as well as leukemia. The study of stem cells has consistently provided significant benefits for health and medical researchers. Studying adult stem cells has and will continue to better help scientist understand and rectify medical concerns that have constantly remained a problem such as birth defects
Though there is limited ethical debate on adult stem cell research in comparison to embryonic stem cell research, there are still a few challenges. Adult stem cells are present but in very small amounts. By having such a small amount, it can pose problems for identifying and containing a large enough amount of cells needed for therapy. The regeneration of cells is not as successful as those cells in embryonic stem cells they do not reproduce to the same degree. Embryonic stem cells are young and adult stem cells are mature, the adult stem cells contain more DNA abnormalities which can be caused by environment, toxins or errors in DNA replication.
In conclusion it is clear to see the need for adult stem cell research. Researchers and I alike can reason with its benefits and learning more about birth defects and treating such diseases and cancers as Leukemia. I consider myself a reasonably ethical person so I can appreciate the fact that adult stem research does not present a high…