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Question 1
Discuss in detail three (3) advantages when advertising on television? Which organisations measure magazine circulation?

Three advantages:
Pervasiveness: Television advertising makes it possible to reach large audiences. Marketers selling products and services that appeal to broad target audiences find that TV lets them reach mass markets
Cost-efficiency: Companies with widespread distribution and availability of their products and services use TV to reach mass market and deliver their advertising messages at a very low cost per thousand.
Impact: TV commercial can be used to convey a mood or image for a brand as well as to develop emotional or entertaining appeals that help make a dull product appear interesting.

Organisations measure magazine circulation:
ABC---the Audit Bureau of Circulation: achieve credibility for circulation and form a basis for setting rates.
CAB---the Circulation Audit Board: verify the total average distribution of publications over a defined audit period.

Question 2
What is trade-oriented sales promotion? List and describe three (3) types, giving an example for each.

It targets to marketing channels such as wholesalers and retailers and includes obtaining distribution and support for new products, maintaining support for established brands, encouraging retailers to display established brands, and building retail inventories.

Contests and incentives: often target at the sales personnel of the wholesalers, distributors or retailers. For example an appliance pays a $25 to retail sales personnel for selling a certain model or size.
Trade allowance: it offers a discount or deal to retailers or wholesalers, encouraging them to stock, promote, or display the manufacturer’s products.
Displays and point-of-purchase materials: point-of-purchase help a manufacturer obtain more effective in-store merchandising of products. Companies in US spend more than $19 billion a year on POP materials.
Sales training programs: manufacturers provide sales training assistance to retail employers. Cosmetics, appliances, computers and consumer electronics are example of products for which consumers often rely on well-informed retail sales personnel for assistance.
Trade show: it is a forum where manufacturers can display their products to buyers. In many countries, trade shows are a major opportunity to display one’s product lines and interact with customers

Question 3
List and describe the four (4) types of advertisements where words are crucial.

If the message is complicated, words can be more specific that audio or visual and can be read over and over until the meaning is clear

If the ad is for a high-involvement product such as travel for pleasure, the consumer is likely to spend time considering various options before deciding which one to buy.

If the ad is for a product that needs to establish its credibility or authority in a cluttered category. Imas used long-copy advertising to position itself as the authority in pet nutrition at a time when most pet food manufacturers were using wordless, emotional appeals. In business-to-business or professional advertising, this strategy may involve the communication of information with definitions and explanations.

If a message tries to convey abstract qualities, such as justice and quality, words can communicate these concepts more clearly than pictures

Question 4
List and describe a media buyers six (6) functions.

Provide information to media planners. Media buyers are important information sources for media planners. They are close enough to day-to-day changes in media popularity and pricing to be constant source of inside information.

Select the media. Media buyers choose the best vehicles that fit the target audience’s aperture.

Negotiate cost, make media buy. Media buyers pursue special