Advanatages of Free Newspapers

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Dear Reader thankyou for your recent letter stating your concerns about your local newspaper but we at the Wickford Star aim to provide a service to the local community and feel it is our social responsibility to report important issues from worldwide including your local area that could affect all of us.
We believe that information shouldn’t be available just to those who can afford to pay for it, we believe that information should be free especially when it may directly affect you the reader.
The newspaper is a key link between the government and the people we ensure this by reporting on as much information as available to protect the local community from any government plans they may disapprove of or free they that the government is not working with the best interests of the people.
Free newspapers also advertise jobs that people depend on and we also provide jobs within the newspaper itself so help work towards lowering unemployment especially in times of recession we should be fighting to keep jobs not get rid of them rather than the alternative of people being unable to find work and having to sign onto the benefit system which then means money which could have been reinvested by into the economy now is having to be spent on just sustaining it.
The Wickford Star remains free as we depend on the revenue generated from advertising to cover running costs and the businesses within in the newspaper depend on the response from these adds to help them remain in business and if they didn’t get any response from these adds it wouldn’t be worth the money invested the fact they continue to advertise shows that people not only read our newspapers but use the services offered within it.
Although there is an environmental cost of using paper this paper can then be recycled being reused so help reduce the amount of new trees needed and this service is collected right from your door by your local government. You could argue that we could sent the newspaper electronically to save on paper but not all of our readers want to use the internet which they would also have to pay to use but they enjoy the traditional reading over new technology. Due to these advances in technology newspapers are not used as regularly so to get more people back involved in the paper we deliver these free to your door and the more people we delivery to the more people are that would be likely to