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Introduction Bullying is one of the biggest problems around the country in schools and on social websites. This literature will cover what bullying is, the differences between cyber-bullying and traditional bullying and how bullying can be prevented. It will also cover the differences between bully victims who cope with bullying and victims who don’t.

What is bullying?
There are many ways to define bullying. Bullying is when someone or a group of people keep attacking someone else in a negative way, physically or verbally (Tamekia, 2012). Shore (2009) states that bullying is intentional. In the same article Shore says that bullying could happen face to face or behind someone’s back. Bullying is also seen as an individual or a group of people constantly picking on “powerless” people (Hoisko, 2012).

What is cyber-bullying and how is it different from traditional bullying?
Cyber-bullying is similar and different from traditional bullying. Cyber-bullying is repeatedly targeting someone on the internet or electronic media (Tamekia, 2012). Cyber-bullying can still follow victims of the bullying into and out of school (Cyber-bullying victims fight back in lawsuits; advocates say laws need to be stronger to protect students, 2012). Davis (2012) claims cyber-bullying is different because other people could impersonate someone. Hoisko (2012) emphasizes the dangers of bullying because it can happen 24/7.

Are there any laws in place that punish bullying and/ or cyber-bullying?
There are a few laws in some states that are in place that punish bullying and cyber-bullying. Tamekia (2012) discovered bullies could get suspended and expulsion in school. In the same article Tamekia