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Advanced Technology & Health

Advanced medical technology has changed the way we confront complicated health issues, equivalent to diabetes. Due to an increase of health issues technology is advancing to handle various illness and conditions. This helps prevents and manages further health risks. Diabetes is on the increase in Australia due to overweight. Diabetes has reached a silent pandemic state in Australia; one of the advancement recently is Gastric- band plan to fight diabetes.

Over weight and obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes. Overweight and obesity increases a person's health risk. The disease usually presents with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. This is measured by the BMI (Body mass Index.) whether a person is underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese. BMI is calculated according to the person height and weight. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, “Adults were classified as being overweight if their BMI was greater than 25.00% but less than 29.99%.” overweight and obesity results in being non active (No exercise), unhealthy eating habits and a poor health life style. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, Overweight and obesity varies with age, with 74.9% of people aged 65-74 years being overweight or obese, compared with 36.4% of people aged 18-24 years.

Diabetes is a chronic disorder which results in high blood sugar because the body cannot produce insulin or respond to the insulin produced from the body. Diabetes is divided into two categories:
Type 1- when there is destruction of the auto immune cells that produce insulin cells by the pancreas, resulting in patients required to take insulin daily and to maintain safe blood sugar levels (normal). The normal blood sugar level is 3 to 5. “Australia is ranked 7th in the world for children with Type 1 diabetes” according to Australian Bureau of statistics.
Type 2 is reduced production of insulin by the body, is the most common in Australia. The treatment for Type 2 diabetes is medication diet and exercise, to maintain safe blood glucose. Advanced technology has had a major breakthrough in Gastric banding. This is usually performed for a patient that has BMI of 35 or above (110to 115kg), (ABS). This procedure involves key whole surgery under general anaesthetic. A plastic ring fits around the top of the stomach thus restricting the flow of food and creates a sense of fullness. After this procedure the patient loses approximately 11kg. The outcome of this advanced technology does not require intense medication and weight loss.

Diabetes and technology has come a long and sensational way. From not having the supplies to treat diabetics and from manual testing of the body, to making formula pills from high tech monitoring machines to bring down the blood sugar levels to a stable condition and insulin injections, it’s just as time continues technology seems to grow and a vast majority of diabetic patients are getting more control, management and stable lives through the way that this technology is helping our modern society. Treatment for Type 2 diabetes has come a long way in the last 10 years, (Morgan Griffin R). Technology is the main source of treatment becoming the number one practice to improve Type 2 diabetes, thanks to new medication.

More money is being funded to support the technology research for diabetes mellitus. Pharmacological companies invest money in making these new technological machines to create medication, trials that they can sell and promote their product. There are finance companies that offer out finance to those patients for medication and equipment because they cannot financially afford it themselves. The most popular company is Medici Capital they help with any health finance issue specially medication for diabetes. “Western Australia was involved in successfully funding Type 1 diabetes” (Hitchcock, C.); for first aid training, for