Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biometrics

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Biometrics is an area of technology that has been and being used for identification of persons based on some of their physical characteristics. As financing for research has allowed there has been efforts by several technology companies in developing standards for software and hardware that would be hand down throughout the technology industry in promoting more development within this field. From the casual operator of a home computer, to corporations, medical practitioners and governments a great concern has been shown on the looming security over their systems and files on their capability to protect us on from the unlawful access. Most computer software corporations among those in development and research are scrambling to meet the huge demand for …show more content…
Presently, biometrics promises to do just that however it’s faced with limitations and critics. There two ways for examining safety concern among users. First one deals in the actual steps essential to authenticate personal users, and the second one focuses on the general concerns on privacy and how exclusive identifiers can be used. Retinal scans and Face recognition are fields which have the capability for making users uncomfortable when used as means of authentication. We think of these methods to match the eye to a specific person or a photograph and surely that is evidence (Aidan Dysart). Nevertheless, in order to achieve this, the system will require a person to come in close interaction with a scanner or camera during the authentication procedure. Some people find it as being too invasive of their private space although not a major issue for the majority. Precisely, users are more concerned with where and how their data is stored, how it may be used, how reliable it is and if anyone can have access to