Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drones

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1st Body Paragraph-UAV Manufacturers and Market: According to Sustainalytics’ statistics, drone usage have grown significantly for the past few year and this growth has created a market which was valued at an estimated 7.5 billion USD at the end of 2012, and predicted that this market may be worth 50 billion USD by 2020. The following graph (Figure 4) shows the UAV market for various countries.
Figure 4: The Different color represents different colors, on the Y-axis is the amount of money each country spend on drones, and on the X-axis is the year.

There are at least 87 countries using some kind of military UAV in present day. Also, an estimation made in 2014, shows that there were about 490 UAV manufacturers based in around 60 countries. One of the first
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Critics suggest that drone strikes, in reality, create more terrorists than they kill because, according to author Jeremy Scahill, “people who are aggrieved by attack on their homes that forced them to go out and fight.” Critics also claim that the amount of civilians killed by drone strikes are much higher than what the government publish, and that drone strikes kill large amount of civilians during missions that traumatize the locals of affected areas. Other disadvantages of drones are mostly political problems, for example, drone strikes are consider a violation to international law, they lack legal oversight, and they cause hatreds on the attacking country. Drones also proses moral problems, for example, drone strikes are a violation to human rights, they allow the attacking country to become disconnected emotionally from battle field, and they cause psychological stress to drone operators (“Drones -”). However, moral and ethical opinions are based according to individuals who can differ, and current laws and limitations on drones contain loop holes, therefore, most drone attacks are undebatablly