Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Commerce

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Abstract: The e-commerce is the upcoming classical, conventional and common way of dealings and exchange in the commerce industry setting up the trade markets for transactions. The e-commerce is changing the ways of doing business, making extensive and enormous transaction from peer to peer within no time. In the proposed research paper we talk about an individual and sole part of the e-commerce system environment which forms the necessity of any of the e-commerce site and business. Here, we will talk about the reputation system with the vulnerabilities, statistical knowledge of recommendation system taking consideration of techniques of Data Mining and Collaborative Filtering, and we will also talk about the improvement of the assessment …show more content…
Through this they can see the reputation scores provided by the source provider which is very useful to the consumer. This is profitable to both the consumer and service provider.
• From the second paper, Algorithms are still in the progress to build up the quality and run ability of the recommender system. Therefore, experimental affirmation is still in progress to adopt the right authorization for the recommender systems.
• In the third paper we can see a lot of advantages from the GBECRS which uses the single login method, users’ knowledge acquirement and aggregation, recommendation strategy’s self-adaptation selection and legitimate use of task
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Now, moving back to the second experiment, different values are theoretically explained and calculated via collaborative filtering method to check out the experimental evaluation. As far as the study of both the methods is done, we find that the Grid Based E-Commerce Recommendation system is very fast as compared to the traditional based recommendation system. From the provided research paper the short implementation is done and on that basis we have come to conclude that the GBECRS is far much better, advance and secure than the normal traditional based recommendation system. But still it is implemented on some particular very less number of slides due to which the experimental computation is not found. The open source e-commerce manages a lot of data which would be concluded in the meantime due to availability of data in not a concise