Advantages from Getting Stressed Essay

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Advantages from Getting Stressed Feeling stressed? Do you think we should resist stress? Everyone should have felt stress at some point in his life. A great deal of people think that getting stressed is not good for their health. They also think that it might cause many issues in a person’s life and it is disadvantageous to get stressed from pushing yourself to think, work or study hard. However, that may not be considered a bad thing, if people know how to take advantage of it. Many researchers and scientists agree that getting certain types of stress is beneficial and advantageous to a person’s life. The three most surprising advantages from a certain amount of stress are managing a person’s time, making a person think quickly and developing a person’s skills to face difficulties. Managing time is a very important skill in a person’s character, but also it is difficult to do. The problem of not managing time could actually be solved by getting stressed at some point. Working under pressure allows work to be accomplished effectively. Passing through many stressful moments enhances the person’s ability to handle many tasks in such a short time. Apparently, smart people get benefits from being stressed. They consider these moments as some sort of training. If someone is assigned to do many tasks and there is not enough time to finish them, so he should not allow himself to lose control. He just has to focus on two main parameters; the amount of tasks and time. Time is money. He should focus on how to exploit this insufficient time to finish this whole amount of tasks. If the person succeeded in meeting the deadline, that means he is a good time manager. If he did not, he should be disappointed and consider that it is a training to know how to handle time. The most important thing is to write down the reason that made him fail in the first time and not to repeat them again. He has to feel a progress each time. Another way to think about this is when a man does not have much work to do and spends most of his time relaxing. He is going to be less helpful than a man who is under pressure and working hard most of the day. The first one logically will not be able to work under pressure for a long time because he is accustomed to working very little. However, the man who is getting stressed from working hard and gets to a real job will be better under pressure, because he is asked to complete multi¬¬¬ple projects in a short time. The lazier person probably will be not able to get things done in a short time because he did not get stressed about his work, while another person who is used to stressful working can manage his time so that he finishes his work faster. Some researchers mentioned that a person who gets stressed from his work is able to get many projects done in a certain time. In addition, this person will finish the work he handled faster than the person who relaxes and stays in his office working on only one project for most of the time.
In addition to managing one’s time, stress benefits a person’s thinking. Being stressed makes one’s thinking more reliable and serious about things. Moreover, it is good for…